WIP journal #1 : Malifaux – No Shelter Here and Teddy

So last week I embarked on building my first Malifaux crew box set along with Teddy.

I am no stranger to building miniatures for table top gaming as I dabbled in Warhammer 40k and Fantasy , and GW’s Lord of The Rings games prior to this ( though it’s been about 10 years since I have built anything up ). I did find building some of these models challenging, and from seeing several unboxing videos and blogs, I have come to believe that the models of Malifaux are a much more involved when it comes to building.

Take Baby Kade for example his arm was a real pain to build up (for me anyways ). My end result is a super glue nightmare that would make any veteran miniature model builder cringe. Now not sure if I should try to remove the super glue using methods that I have found on line or if I should salvage the work and fill in my gaps (please feel free to leave comments on suggestions as I don’t feel that I have ever been steered wrong by the community ) .

The one thing that I have appreciated is the inclusion of instructions from Wyrd (on line or in the crew box it’s self ) . Now yes most of it is common sense when it comes to building but the bits of detail you add to the sorrows did get a bit confusing (and I did muck one up but looking at it now I like the look of it ).

Overall I had a lot of fun constructing these minus baby Kade. And I am looking forward to painting my guys up! It was very nice to get back into the hobby after being away from it so long !

You guys are more then welcome to leave feedback on my builds as I am always eager to hear as it makes me a better builder/painter ! Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling 🙂




Welcome To My Blog!

I would like to welcome you all to my blog on WordPress .

On this blog I plan on sharing with you my thoughts and opinions (through reviews and sharing my experiences ) on miniature war games, Card games, and board games I come across on my own or the ones that I play with the kids.

I hope you guys enjoy and stop back often !